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With more than 12 years in the software business, we have had many successful projects that we are proud of. Check some of them out, and reach out to us for more info. We'd love to showcase yours here, too.

A platform for users to subscribe to the most popular Media Groups across America

Specialized in the publishing industry, managing access to paid content, the platform collects, manage, and integrate data to effectively execute direct marketing and paid content strategies that generate measurable and immediate results.


A social media-all-in-one marvelous platform that is continuously evolving

A prominent Social Media Management Platform which enables an extensive list of customers to monitor, manage and measure social media initiatives.


A mobile app to easily find nearest commercial offices and benefits by geolocation.

With more than 25 years of experience in the development of collections and payments for companies, a leading company from Argentina contract our services to develop their mobile app for iOS, Android, WP, and Blackberry.


Intelligent tutoring system that facilitates understanding of statistical ideas and analytical techniques

A powerful learning tool which helps Carnegie Mellon University students construct useful knowledge representations and thereby develop effective problem-solving skills.


A world-class, service-oriented organization specializing in Workflow Automation Solutions

Software development for an industry leader in the Forms-Based Workflow Automation and Forms Document Management space for clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


Practice management Workspace software that provides time and billing management.

Leading provider of practice management software and educational resources for firms in the tax preparation and public accounting industry.


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